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The Life Particle instructor course is a certified vocational training programme teaching Korean Yoga & Qigong. The uniqueness of the course is to focus on mental health & consciousness. 

The course comprises of 10 modules and qualifies the participant to be able to consult and also to train holistically their customers and patients. Once you are certified, you are able to consultant and/or instruct Korean Yoga and Qigong principles and exercises.

The Course is
to All
Especially to:

The following job group would benefit from the Life Particle Instructor Course as a further job education, where one can treat and consult his/her patient with an extensive holistic concept. 

  • Medical professionals: Doctor, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nurse, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Psychotherapist, Nutrition Therapist and other kind of therapist. 
  • Counsellor and Life Coach. 
  • Health professionals: Yoga Teacher, Martial Arts Teacher, Personal Trainer Massagist, Sports and Gymnastic teacher. 
  • Educational Professionals: Kindergarten Teacher, School Teacher, University Staff. 
  • Tourism Professionals: Tour Guide, Meditation Tour Guide, Retreat Tour Guide. 









All themes have theoretical and
practical aspects.

1. Energy Opening (4 h)

Learning about the 4 major acupressure points, causes of blockages, the symptoms if they are blocked and an intensive method to open them. 1h lecture on energy principles and 3h of practice including meditation with energy.

2. Heart Opening (2 Days & 1 time of 3h reinforcement)
Awakening self-consciousness, opening heart energy centre, releasing old negative memories and the related emotions, and developing inner peace. 10% lecture and 90% practice.

3. Self-Awareness (3 Days & 2 times of 3 h reinforcement)
Consciousness development programme, combining the wisdom of Tao with scientific findings of neurology. Opening an insight into ego formation process based on the brain function. Learning how to release ego and stay in the present moment. 30% lecture and 70% practice.

4. Qigong for Posture Alignment (2 Days & 1 time of 3 h reinforcement)
Healing martial arts focused on body structure correction, balancing skeleton and energy strengthening through Qigong exercises. 100% exercise.

5. Meridian & 5 Elements for Self-Healing (2 Days & 2 times of 3 h reinforcement)
Learning principles and movements based on oriental medicine: yin yang and 5 elements. Understanding the relation between inner organs and nature. Learning emotion harmonising technique based on the 5 elements. 70% lecture and 30% practice.

6. Conscious Education & Parenting (2 Days & 1 time of 3 h reinforcement)
Focused on character development and learning ability enhancement of children based on brain development. Understanding principles of parents-children and teacher-children relationships. Learning various brain trainings. 30% lecture and 70% practice

7. Energy Circulation & Self-Healing (2 Days & 2 times of 3 h reinforcement)
Learning the principle of self-healing and yoga postures for energy circulation, breath work, and detoxification. 10% lecture and 90% practice.

8. Ancient Mantra and Tao Wisdom (1 Day & 1 time of 3 h reinforcement)
ChonBuKyong is a 7000 years old script from Korea. By practicing with the script through chanting, one can deeply understand the ancient Tao philosophy and be connected to the spirituality. 70% lecture and 30% practice.

9. Conscious Living (3 Days & 2 times of 3 h reinforcement)
Learning the principles of nature for the betterment of life. Law of Attraction, Law of Energy Adjustment, Information Relativity, Law of Spiritual Evolution, Energy Hierarchy, Law of Wide Benefit, and furthermore. Discussing about life problems and solutions according to the rules. 100% lecture and discussion.

10. Emotion Management (2 Days)
Learning the 3 main energy principles, Tao principle of being in the present moment, breathing exercises, relation between emotion and flow of energy, how to control emotion with energy, static and active meditation. Focused on efficiency enhancement in work environment. Self-control over the mind and Information.




Workshop dates remain flexible according to the demand.

All modules are independent, so that one can join the course at any time irrespective of the sequence. 

All 10 modules should be completed within 2 years. 

For the examination, you give a seminar for 2 hours on subjects chosen from your course contents and instruct a physical exercise for 1 hour. The examination arrangements will be approved by the Life Particle Centre will have at least 3 attendees.   


Life Particle Centre

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Samuel K.H. Jun, Ana Rute Paulo 




Including catering and text material.

This vocational training is VAT exempted according to the Irish VAT law at Paragraph. 4(3) of Schedule 1 of the VAT Consolidation Act 2010. 


The course attendee may benefit of 50% discount regular Life Particle class membership for 6 months or free regular Life Particle class membership for 3 months.


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Events and Offers

  • Opening Hours Notice

    Due to the Self-Awareness Course, there is no regular class from Fri. 29th Sep. evening until Sun. 1st Oct.

    Due to the Conscious Living Course, we provide 1 regular class on 28th, 29th and 30th Oct. at 12:30.

    Due to the Energy Accumulation & Circulation Course, we provide 1 regular class on 18th and 1 on 19th Nov. at 12:30.

    The other days will follow usual opening hours.

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  • Workshops & Exclusive Courses


    Mindfulness Course on Self-Awareness - 4 spaces left -

    Date: Fri. 29th Sep. - Sun. 1st Oct.
    Time: Fri.: 6 - 8:30pm, Sat.: 9:30am - 8:30pm, Sun.: 9:30am - 6pm 
    Please click this link for further information. 

    Energy Opening Workshop: Energy Becomes Tangible 
    - 12 spaces left -

    Date: Sat. 7th October
    Time: 3 - 7 pm  
    Please click this link for further information.

    Energy Management Workshop 
    - 12 spaces left -

    Date: Sat. 14th October
    Time: 3 - 7 pm
    Please click this link for further information.  

    Mindfulness Course on Conscious Living 
    - 3 spaces left -

    Date: Sat. 28th Oct. - Mon. 30th Oct.
    Time: 10am - 6pm 
    This course is available only if you have attended the Self-Awareness course.


    Energy Accumulation & Circulation - 8 spaces left -

    Date: Sat. & Sun. 18th & 19th November
    Time: 10am - 6pm