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We highly recommend this intensive course, if you want to gain a deep understanding of yourself. It is for those looking for the personality development in the sense of emotion control. It helps you to overcome the mental barriers.
This course begins with the question: who am I?
You have searched outside for answers, but all the answers are within you! Or, you have fear in a certain life situation; you would have previously seen the origin that caused it. If you want to go beyond emotions, watch carefully the information that causes your feelings. You also need to find yourself, which was disguised by many definitions of yourself. You will experience an immense relief from oppressive feelings that have disrupted your life until now. After that you will find a deep and powerful source within yourself. We call it "true self".

Do you know how your preconception influences on your consciousness? Your emotion, habit, pattern of thinking and character are strongly influenced by the information accepted and accumulated since the childhood. This is called self-image or ego in Buddhism. Self-image is an accepted concept, and through the repetition, identified as yourself.  Some images must have helped you and some must have caused heavy emotion, such as: "I have no capability" or "I always have bad luck". Maybe these images were created through severe life experiences and became obstacles in your life. But you can break through such limiting patterns. This course shows a powerful way to control your emotion by understanding its root. 

Step 1. Insight - Be aware of the prejudices and fixations that dominate your thoughts and habits. Here, you will start to see yourself from a different perspective.

Step 2. Adaptation - Recognise situations and circumstances as they are, without judgment about yourself and others. Here, you will become flexible towards the circumstances. 

Step 3. Realisation - Widen your fixed perspectives to have a new viewpoint on yourself. We will help you to look at your life and the circumstances from a new perspective.

Step 4. Purification - Free yourself from the negative information that burdens your life. Here, you will gain the deepest sovereignty and serenity.

Step 5. Integration - Awaken the inner potential by opening up the infinite power sources. Here, you will acquire mental strength by creating an ideal image of yourself.

This course will help you to overcome the many challenges of private and professional daily life. It is a sophisticated and holistic training. The content is a balanced combination of mindfulness meditation and the findings of brain research. The course is applicable to anyone

Do you want to change yourself, however, tend to stick to old habitsSelf-Awareness Course supports you in a gentle way to identify and resolve them. It enables you to achieve self-confidence. Through the course, you will realise that you can control your mind and the information in your brain. The training provides inspiring, yet, practical tools to create a happier and more balanced life. 

Course Programme:
Lecture on Mindfulness
Oneness Meditation in the nature 
Personal feedback session
Selfless Meditation in the nature  
Practical application and implementation 
Personal transform plan

After the course you will be able to
Make decisions with confidence
Manage yourself sustainably
Understand others better

Course Schedule:
Friday: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Saturday: 10am - 8:30pm
Sunday: 10am - 6pm

Dates: to be announced here
Cost: €369 including text material and full catering
Location: Life Particle Centre 

Please call us now on (01) 2849136 or send an email to book a FREE trial yoga & meditation class.

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