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We follow the traditional energy principles in combination with neurological discoveries about the brain to have better control over the emotion. Perhaps you are tired or even sick with your life and you do not know the reason of this... sometimes you even think that you have everything to be happy... or perhaps you think that your life is meaningless or that you are worthless... or you need to opt for something important in your life?


This course will help you to achieve the mind-body balance that enables you to meet the challenges of the professional and private daily life with joy and serenity. You will have better control over your emotion by handling your energy. Through the course, you will find a way into your body, into your mind, and finally to the ultimate reality, your Self.

Relationship between Energy and Mind:


The concept of Ki is not different from the oriental medicine. If you've ever recover through an acupuncture treatment, then you've already experienced how the energy works. You can increase your ability to focus with energy, because energy is the mediator between body and mind. After this part, you will clearly understand how the energy sensation leads to your intuition.



Often we struggle in life tensing body and mind, without realising that we are going through this "fight" again and again. We tend to focus on outside world and forget about our own being. What we need is the inner champion. Turn our valuable power into watching without fighting. Only the now is real - everything else is a function of our mind.


Purifying Emotion: 


  • Psychological explanation of emotion suppression, expression and release.
  • Discussing about the relationship between brain wave and emotion.
  • Discussing about the relationship between imagination and energy.
  • Discussing about an intensive breath-work.
  • Practicing emotion release.

You will experience an immense relief from oppressive feelings that have disrupted your life until now. In this course you will reach beyond your mental and physical limitations by opening up your own power sources. By focusing on the energy in the body, you will unleash amazing internal power.


Trainer: Samuel Jun

Dates: to be announced here

Cost: €165 including catering & text material

Time: 1 day either Sat. or Sun.  10am to 6pm

Location: Unit G9, Pottery Business Centre, Pottery Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin


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Today's workshop was beyond my expectations. I experienced energy as I have have before. I now truly understand the meaning of the word 'choice'. I chose to make the rest of the workshop and had several unforgettable experiences: the power of energy - my own and that of another, the power of smile, praise and love. It has awaken me to an alternative journey



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