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Yoga & Meditation Classes & Workshop Testimonials

What people say about Life Particle regular classes

The yoga class was interesting and enlightening taught through love, laughter, fun. The trainer is a very motivated personality that encourages others to feel their potential and open up.


Fantastic. Feel so much more at ease with myself. The feeling is great. Really thank you. I know that I will get so much from this. Thanks


A very positive, and sense of inner calm. Peacefulness and strong energy.


My experience is that this workshop is a relief. A place where you can be yourself and able to see the beauty of people. I love it.


It was wonderful to feel other people's energy and free up negative emotions. I feel lighter and ready to face the world with positive and joy. Thank you.


The practical focused techniques delivered by the team has optimised my physical and mental ability to deal with the multitude of situations that I encounter everyday whilst running my business.


I was amazed at how simple and effective the techniques were, and how quickly they had an impact on performance of mind and body.


My first experience of the meditation class was an unexpected treat – not only was it really relaxing but it was also great fun!  It has really made me more conscious of my breathing and how I feel and I can “turn it on” whenever I notice I am getting stressed.


What people say about about Life Particle Workshops

Good presentation and speed. It gave me another tool to open up to all this energy and connect to it. The laugh was great. I feel lighter and more connected to the loving energy around. I will be happy to pass this teaching to other. Thank you again.


Today's workshop was beyond my expectations. I experienced energy as I have have before. I now truly understand the meaning of the word 'choice'. I chose to make the rest of the workshop and had several unforgettable experiences: the power of energy - my own and that of another, the power of smile, praise and love. It has awaken me to an alternative journey


A very powerful experience. The enhanced energy connection and opening of the heart was awesome. Pushing boundaries, learning to hear and accept praise gratefully from a lovely caring. Sharing the beautiful energy of a stranger. Our teacher is an inspiration and has shown a very good system to move forward and help make the world a better place.                                                     


I found the workshop very helpful. I feel it shifted a lot of emotions in me. It is a wonderful environment to feel free to express oneself. I have come away from it feeling happy inside and feel I have the potential to live like that.


This workshop was really nice for me. I realised that I have to open my mind and body everyday and I have to choose also. I know that my feeling create energy. I will have a positive attitude and mind from now. Thank you so much. It was useful for me.


The workshop reinvigorates body as well as clearing the mind! It explains the science of how our bodies and minds work - especially under the stresses of modern office life - not by talk, but by demonstrating the points through direct experiential exercises. This makes it much more interesting and convincing - and memorable. It wasn't a 'one-off' session either - we got practice in constructive ways to tackle stress levels and so refresh our mental alertness on a continuing basis.


It was amazing to try and open up my mind so that both sides of the brain can work together.  I can now do some of the 2 side brain tests more effectively that when I first arrived. Exercising/refreshing the brain seems to be one area that we totally neglect and this course makes you appreciate how it is possible to achieve more with the same resources.  I am hoping that developing the brain and their attributes will help to minimise my stress levels and therefore lead to a more enjoyable life.



I found it highly beneficial and can see how real results can be achieved in the corporate sector. A must for any company wanting to focus on business challenges ahead.


Life Changing Stories

Last June I was unhappy, physically weak, and obese. I had been putting barriers around myself for years to keep the world at a distance. The added weight had weakened my body and was eating away at my emotional well-being. The increase in my size caused my balance to change. This caused some injuries to my knee and shoulder. I was harming myself. I knew I needed to change. This training has given me the tools to change myself, and it’s up to me to make these changes.

During the past year, I have gained a strong, fit body and shed more than 70 pounds. I have lots of energy, more confidence, better concentration, and more emotional strength. The program that was pivotal in evoking these changes for me was Shimsung (self-discovery) workshop. Each workshop and program I have attended has benefited me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I gain so much from each program. Through support from the teachers, members, attending regular classes, and special workshops, I’ve been through a wonderful transformation!

One of the best bonuses is that I have found myself. Buried deep within me is this person who I always was. I’m so happy and grateful that I have discovered her! I’m having so much fun!

With 4 months of the training practice, I’ve lost 32 pounds, my skin looks beautiful, my stomach no longer hurts, I laugh every day, and I cannot remember the last time I had difficulty breathing.

In addition, my flexibility has surpassed my 10-year-old, soccer playing daughter, as has my balance. I feel great and everyone wants to know my youthful secrets!


One of the first things I noticed this spring was that I was hardly sneezing from my allergies.

In years past, I would sneeze nearly nonstop in the morning and evening and several times throughout the day, as well as have watery eyes. Since practicing this training, I became aware that I was rarely sneezing and my eyes weren’t watery at all. I never take medications and this training was the only thing that I was doing that was new. This year the pollen count was much higher than usual, too, so I continue practicing the training as a wonderful form of natural allergy relief. I also have felt better overall since doing the training. I have more energy, feel more relaxed, and have less stress in my life, as well. Doing Dahnjon (abdominal) tapping before a job interview a few months ago made me feel more relaxed and confident, and I did get hired for the job!


For years, I have been on medication to control my cholesterol and my sugar levels.  A few days ago, I took a fasting blood test, which I do every six months. The results came back yesterday and I was overwhelmed by them. These results were significantly lower than the previous test, which was taken before I started this training!

Nothing else in my life was changed except for attending classes 3–4 times a week for the past two months.

Here are the amazing results:

Sugar (A1C): 5.5 where the target is less than 6.0!

Total Cholesterol: 146 where the target is less than 200!

LDL: 86 where the target is less than 100!

HDL: 38 where the target is more than 40!

Coronary risk: 3.9 where the target is 4.9–6.0!

I thank the instructors for their continual inspiration and wonderful guidance.


Like most women in the Western world, I have been battling with my body since adolescence. I began exercising enthusiastically in my early 20s, have been a member of a portion-control eating group off and on for many years, and have spent a lot of time, money, and energy waging “the battle of the bulge.”

I began the training about five weeks ago. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive. My Western mind was thinking: “Is this enough cardio? Will I get fat? How will this possibly be a substitute for a five-mile run?” (My first attempt at Jung-Choong Breathing put that worry to rest!) Very quickly, however, I began to see that something remarkable and totally new was happening to my mind and body.

I realized that, all this time, I was treating my body as an enemy. My life was firmly divided into two camps—what I should do and what I wanted to do. I should run until the bottoms of my feet blistered, but I wanted to lie under a tree and read a book. Even the language I was using toward fitness—“fight the urge,” “carving” and “sculpting”—perpetuated this idea that I was in conflict with myself and trying to force my body to be something it wasn’t. All I could do was load up my arsenal in hopes that I could win the war.

Almost immediately, the training showed me that the only way to win this war was to stop fighting. When your mind, body and spirit are working together, this gap between what you want and what you should have slowly but surely closes. When you are taking care of yourself, listening to what your body wants, suddenly Doritos become utterly irrelevant. The body is supposed to remain in equilibrium and not in conflict. With the help of this training, I now use “healing” language rather than “battle” language to describe the process of working on my body.

The greatest changes are increased energy and decreased discomfort in my lower back. I am also developing a new openness in my relationship with my parents. My body has changed too, mostly due to the subtle change in my attitude toward food and diet. No more inappropriate cravings! And when I do decide to splurge, I do it in a high-quality, low-quantity, guilt-free way. The changes that I have experienced already are so profound that I am on the edge of my seat to see where I will be six months from now.


During the summer of 1992, I began to experience anxiety attacks and was unable to sleep through the night. I would wake up every few hours with my heart racing, certain that I was getting ready to have a heart attack. The anxiety could strike at any time.

I could be driving home from work, on vacation, or simply having a family dinner. A couple of times, I was rushed to the emergency room suffering from a “stress reaction”—but it seemed like I was suffering a heart attack. In spring 2003, after trying for years to establish an exercise and/or diet regimen to alleviate my condition, I resigned myself to the fact that I would need prescription medicine to combat this daily nightmare and prepared to visit my doctor.

Two weeks before my doctor’s appointment, I saw a brochure heralding the opening of a centre in a few blocks from my office. Out of desperation and fear of being on medication the rest of my life, I went for an energy check-up. After that session, I signed up, unsure of what to expect.

I went to class three times a week and, within a month, my anxiety attacks had disappeared. I was finally able to sleep through the night. My fears of death and having a heart attack vanished. I was and am still so grateful to be rid of the daily fear that would grab me without warning. I thought things could not improve much more, but I was to be pleasantly surprised by an equally great and unexpected benefit derived from my practice.

I had been on a cholesterol-lowering drug for more than two years because my cholesterol level had been as high as 280. After four months of the practice, my cholesterol level dropped to 147! During this time, I would go class at least three times a week and, during the work day, I would drink a few cups of herbal tea purchased from the centre. I neither added nor subtracted anything from my regular diet over this time. Now, my doctor removed me from the prescription medicine with my promise that I would have regular check-ups.

To this day, my cholesterol level remains low, and I am still off the medication. I attribute my wonderful results to the physical and mental exercises taught by the professionals at the centre. I am convinced that the things taught here have enriched my life, focused my life, and literally saved my life.


When I joined the centre, I hoped to improve my health. I felt tired all the time and had terrible migraine headaches several times a week. I had experienced sadness and intestinal problems since childhood and had come to believe these conditions were normal for me. I knew that I had been on a spiritual quest my entire life, but I expected the search to go on forever. What I have found in this training is the perfect fit! I am not only happier and healthier, but I have been blessed to grow spiritually and professionally, as well.

I have been a physician for 23 years and have cared for thousands of patients. I have long-recognized the continuum of mind, body, and spirit, fully knowing that disharmony in any one of these can result in “dis-ease” or illness. Treating patients with medications and procedures alone has often seemed inadequate, and I have frequently noticed that my bedside manner could make a huge difference in the outcome of treatment. This training has shown me why this is so and validated what I have instinctively known my whole life.

Medications and procedures can often improve the quality of life, but the powerful healing force is LOVE. And that loving, healing energy is present in all human beings. Through this training practice, I have been able to reawaken the optimism and compassion that motivated me to become a doctor in the first place. When I am focused on my lower abdomen, I can connect with my patients and my job without becoming physically and emotionally depleted.

I have gained so many benefits from practicing the training. I am more energetic and calm. I have lost weight and have become much more flexible. I almost never get headaches, and most of the time I feel happy for no reason. I go to my centre almost every day to renew myself and hope to inspire others to awaken their own inner healer.

he emphasis on continuing the training keeps me growing beyond my perceived limitations. I love and trust myself more than ever before. It has been such a blessing for me that I have been inspired to share this gift with my family and my community. Now I teach a class for my co-workers twice a week. I also present healing family workshops at my centre. In the future, I hope to establish a holistic health clinic to provide compassionate care so people can learn to heal themselves in mind, body, and spirit.


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