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Your belly houses about 26 feet of intestine, almost half the body’s blood volume, over 300 million neurons, and more than 300 species of gut microbes, and it’s responsible for about 75 percent of the body’s immunity. Your health can easily decline if this major area of your body remains stagnant.

By simply and repeatedly stimulating the center of it all—your belly button—you can pump more energy and vitality into your life.

In his latest book, New York Times bestselling author Ilchi Lee shows you how to press the button that turbo-charges your natural healing power. Learn how to exercise your belly button just for 5 minutes a day, and reconnect to your body’s innate wisdom so you can best take care of your health for a long and happy life.

The benefits of Belly Button Healing Include:
• Increased blood and energy circulation
• Boosting your energy and vitality
• Quieting your mind and gain clarity
• Enhanced digestion and detoxification
• Relief of pain and stiffness
• Improved immunity

What would happen if you really felt your gut through Belly Button Healing?

If you really felt your gut through Belly Button Healing and Intestine Exercise, you end up feeling your physiological phenomena, in other words, the condition of your gut. When that happens, you naturally pay attention to your internal, physiological information, which improves your concentration.

Generally, most basic to all meditation is paying attention to your internal information (senses, thoughts, emotions, etc.). Then we are finally able to remain in the "here and now," and we can be freed from the melancholy of remorse for the past and the anxiety of attachment to the future. In fact, all that actually exists are the vital phenomena of my heart beating, my breathing, and my small intestines 2 absorbing nutrients. That's why the best way to focus on the present is to feel your internal life force.

Scholars have learned through experiment that feeling one's life force leads to the development of the vagus nerve. When this nerve develops, it has a significant influence on autonomic regulation. For example, when our sympathetic nervous system is overly activated, it relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, and when, conversely, the parasympathetic nervous system is overly activated, it activates the sympathetic nervous system, helping the autonomic nervous system to maintain homeostasis.

There is a fascinating study related to the vagus nerve. People who have a developed vagus nerve, the researchers say, generally live socially successful, positive, and cheerful lives. Moreover, this has a positive influence on emotional regulation. And their empathy is increased, which reportedly contributes to the formation of positive social relationships, facilitating sociable personal relationships (Kok, et al., 2013; Porges, 2007; Talyor, Eisenberg, & Spinrad, 2015; Stellar et al., 2015).

When you can really feel your gut, your ability to regulate your emotions and your empathy, as well as your physical health, improve, which leads to better personal relationships and, ultimately, to greater quality of life!

Belly Button Healing, the secret to health of body and mind

Approximately 400-600 million neurons exist in our guts. This is called the enteric nervous system. Excluding the brain, which reportedly has approximately 100 billion neurons, the gut has more nerves than any other part of the body, which is why it is also called the "second brain." It is said to have about three times the number of neurons present in a rat's brain. Our guts are smarter than rats!

About 50 Percent of the body's dopamine and 95 percent of its serotonin is associated with the intestines. A lack of serotonin results and greater difficulty with emotional regulation, which causes a person to have aggressive tendencies. That's why we should activate our intestinal functions through Belly Button Healing and Intestine Exercise.

According to recent studies, gut microbes are very closely connected with the limbic system, which is an emotional center. In the gut live 100 trillion microbes, and, through interactions with the intestines, these microorganisms provide nutrients to intestinal cells, and influence emotion, behavior, and the immune system (Collins, Surette, & Bercik, 2012; Fetissov, & Dechelotte, 2011).

A team led by Dr. Stephen Collins of McMaster University in Canada published in the journal, Nature, the results of a study they did to identify the relationship between enteric microbes and the brain. According to this paper, enteric microorganisms produce good hormones when they're healthy, and these hormones interact with the nerves of the intestinal mucosa, causing the production of 5HT, the precursor substance to serotonin, and serotonin is secreted as this is delivered to the limbic system. What is more, they make a positive contribution to the production of immune system (cytokines, B cells) and many other neurotransmitters.

Accordingly, the condition of the gut has a lot of influence on the emotions because the interplay between enteric microorganisms and the intestines influences the limbic system. To put it simply, a person with a healthy gut also has a good basic emotional state. Scholars also call this system the "Gut-Brain Axis" (Fetissov, & Déchelotte, 2011)

A strong gut means a strong mind!

When we are under stress or have negative emotions, the brain releases stress hormones, and these hormones are delivered to the gut, where they have a negative impact on microorganisms. Perhaps feeling bad about this, the microorganisms release bad hormones, and these hormones adversely affect the intestines, ultimately causing us to have negative emotions through the limbic system. Now that is a vicious cycle.

Living social lives, we readily find ourselves in such a vicious cycle because we are exposed to an unavoidable, stressful environment. What should we do? 6 Intentionally exercising the gut through Belly Button Healing and the Intestine Exercise activates microorganisms, which, in this sense, can have a positive effect on us. Consequently, for those who would increase their quality of life to achieve health of body and mind and live socially successful lives, Belly Button Healing is not optional, but essential.

Dr. Collins and Dr Premysl Bercik did a fascinating experiment. Although it might be unfortunate for the lab rats… Thinking about the possibility that the interplay of enteric microbiota and the limbic system affects the emotions, the researchers wondered what would happen if they switched the microorganisms in the guts of the animals. They took gentle rats and mean rats and switched the microorganisms in their guts. Much to their surprise, they found that the personalities of the rats changed, as well!

Do you want to change your personality?
Do Belly Button Healing and the Intestine Exercise!

We can't live in the world alone. Just as the microorganisms in our guts affect our personalities and emotions, so, too, the good symbiotic relationships in our bodies help us have the kinds of personalities that allow us to have good personal relationships.

As mentioned above, development of the vagus nerve brings increased empathy. If I'm going to help someone, empathy must first arise inside me. Zero empathy causes a person to have an antisocial personality, like a psychopath (Baron-Cohen, 2011). The so-called "don't-ask-me crimes (motiveless crimes)" mentioned frequently in the Korean media these days stem from a loss of empathy. Unable to empathize with the pain of others, a person feels no guilt for hurting them.

Through Belly Button Healing and the Intestine Exercise, you will really understand your physiological information and develop your vagus nerve, improving your autonomic regulation, emotional control, and empathy, and you will improve the health of your enteric microbiota to create good symbiotic relationships, and so create harmonious symbiotic relationships with others. All these effects end up leading to improved self-control.

My emotions (body) are not me, but mine!
Practicing Belly Button Healing and the Intestine Exercise are an efficient way to benefit myself and the world!

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