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Guided meditation - Life Particle

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Would you like to experience Life Particle Meditation?

The picture displays the image of the Life Particle Sun - an endless, universal source of Life Particles, the essence of life itself. The Life Particle Sun may even look familiar to you.

Look at the picture not just as a 2-dimensional picture, but look at it multi-dimensionally and imagine that you are inside the great universe of life particles within that mind screen. The yellow part of the life particle picture is the tunnel and on the other side of the tunnel, there is the life particle sun.

If you keep looking at the picture, you can feel the elements continuously moving.

When you are inside the universe of life particles, things are moving and changing and if you just keep looking at the picture, you can feel that you are being absorbed into the tunnel and as you are being absorbed into the tunnel, you can come to pass 7 gates.

As you pass through the tunnels, you can feel contraction and relaxation and as you pass each level, all of the stagnant energy and negative thinking and emotions become purified and vibration happen in each level from 1st chakra all the way to 7th chakra and all chakras become connected and circulated.

As you look at the life particle picture this way, you can come to feel the physical and chemical changes in your body.

For further steps, we will help you in the Life Particle Centre!

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A very powerful experience. The enhanced energy connection and opening of the heart was awesome. Pushing boundaries, learning to hear and accept praise gratefully from a lovely caring. Sharing the beautiful energy of a stranger. Our teacher is an inspiration and has shown a very good system to move forward and help make the world a better place.


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