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Guided Meditation - Brain Wave Vibration

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Brain Wave Vibration is a training method from Ilchi Lee to purify your brain waves. Your brain stem is in charge of all of your basic life functions. When your consciousness connects to your brain stem, then your basic life energy is activated. As your consciousness stays there, this basic life energy will become stronger, and will spread to the whole brain through resonance. This is a simple, effective method: changing your brain waves into neutral, healthy brain waves, which then create resonance throughout the brain. That is Brain Wave Vibration.

Before training, ask yourself "What do you want for my life?" Make your brain strongly desire that goal. In other words, let your brain desire, acknowledge, and give energy. When you do that, you can make a miracle. When you make that kind of expectation in your brain through imagination, then you will make that phenomenon a reality.

Now, let's try it!

Sit comfortably and feel your head – does it feel heavy or not?

Relaxing your body completely, move your neck. Shake your head from side to side and gently up and down. Your cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae are also moving.

Now, let your entire body ride the rhythm and feel the oneness of your body. When you make this movement on your own, that means your brain waves are changing.

Feel the subtle vibration going through the top of your head.

You can feel the subtle sensation of each cell in your whole body and that feeling spreads throughout the inside of your body.
From that subtle change, your brain waves are trembling, and vibration is being created. Through this vibration, your brain waves are returning to their original, pure state, and your body is released.

Let energy do its work, just let it happen.

Through opening up your all meridian points and blockages, you feel as if a light has been turned on in your brain. You can heal your body yourself by tapping your body.

Now, close your eyes and shake your body freely until you want to stop.

When you stop the training, inhale and exhale deeply.

Through the energy sensation, you can enter the state of Nothingness. You can stop thinking.

Keep feeling the subtle vibration continuously throughout your whole body.

For further steps, we will help you in the Life Particle Centre.

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Good presentation and speed. It gave me another tool to open up to all this energy and connect to it. The laugh was great. I feel lighter and more connected to the loving energy around. I will be happy to pass this teaching to other. Thank you again.



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