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What is Life Particle?

The Building Blocks of Universe


   All matter is composed of tiny particles, the building blocks of the universe. The earth, air, and water, can all be broken down to molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles. In fact, everything that physically exists in the universe is comprised of these particles. Your body, your organs, even the brain, where your thoughts and mind reside, are made up of particles. On a subatomic level, everything is the same. There is no difference between the particles that make up your body and someone else’s. The moon, mountains, trees, animals, a planet in a far off galaxy... We are all one in the sense that we are composed of the same building blocks.

But that’s not all. As scientists began digging deeper and looking closer at these particles, they made startling discoveries. In the famous double slit experiment, scientists shot electrons through two slits. One would expect the marks on the other side to form two lines, like the slits. However, the particles, even when shot through one at a time, formed an interference pattern, as a wave would. How can a single particle act as a wave and go through both slits at the same time? To determine which slit the electrons were really passing through, they add a detector by the slit. Amazingly, when observed, the interference pattern was gone, and a pattern indicative of particles, not waves, was shown. The most shocking discovery was that the intention of the observer had changed the very nature of the electrons.

   Elementary particles, the substance of the universe, have infinite possibilities. They can become anything. And if our minds have an effect on how they act, what does that mean? Are we constantly affecting the world around us with our consciousness? Are we always creating, whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not? Interestingly, wise people have said this for ages.

  Our everyday lives seem to move and shift in very limited ways... the way things are “supposed” to be. Yet, if we zoom in deep, down to the world of particles, the world looks very different. These particles vibrate with endless possibilities, manifesting our choices and intentions. To share this understanding of limitless creative potential and the source of our very existence, Ilchi Lee began calling these Life Particles. Through Life Particles, we can consciously access the vast universe of limitless possibilities.

Life Particles transcend time and space. They can flow freely to and between anyone and anything. Through one’s intention, Life Particles can be sent or received, with the potential to create what one wishes. They can heal, cleanse, and recharge both the mind and the body. Life Particles are healing from the universe. It's like lots of light, lots of warmth, and just a good feeling, a very comfortable feeling. Through these little tiny energy elements, you can heal yourself. You can send energy to other people as well.

It is still a mystery as to how much power truly lies dormant in the human brain. Through Life Particles, we can explore and access the brain’s immense untapped potential. Widespread use of Life Particles in our daily lives will mark the beginning of a new enlightened human civilization: a world where we realize the oneness between us all, creating true peace and harmony.


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