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Life Particle yoga classes are similar to other forms of mind-body training, but it can be distinguished by a unique characteristic - mastery and use of energy. Energy is the medium that unites body and mind. You develop a deeper understanding of your body through energy while experiencing directly the connection between mind and body. You will learn how to feel and accumulate energy in the major energy centres of the body. As the sense of energy gradually develops, blocked energy channels open up, promoting circulation of energy throughout the body. Once able to control and command energy, you experience natural healing while gaining control of emotions and habits.

There are 3 internal energy centres. The lower energy centre in your abdomen acts as the fuel tank in which energy is stored for circulation throughout the body. When your lower energy centre becomes strengthened, the overall energy balance of your body will be restored, amplifying your natural healing power. You will exhibit more patience and drive, developing a stronger sense of self-confidence. The middle energy centre located at the chest between breasts. Because emotional energy is controlled at this point, strengthening of the middle energy centre will impart a peaceful and loving feeling. Blockage of the middle energy centre, which can occur due to negative emotions and stress, can have an undesirable effect on the nervous system, leading to many different diseases. The upper energy centre is located at the brain and is equated with the spiritual aspect of our existence. When the upper energy centre is strengthened, our spiritual ability awakens and we feel a connection with the divine energy of the cosmos.

There are two basic mechanisms for strengthening the lower energy centre. The first is clapping, which is rhythmic striking of the lower abdominal area. It gives you gentle positive vibrations so it helps you get rid of stagnant energy in your lower abdomen area and accelerates the circulation of energy and blood. The second is intestinal movement which consists of pushing and pulling the abdominal muscles. This will improve digestion, relieve constipation, tension in the lower back and shoulder, headache, and helps you lose weight.

Through yoga postures and breath-work, it is possible to facilitate the flow of energy. You can learn 5 five simple postures focusing on breathing and proper positioning of the body. You will feel refreshed and revitalised as you build and circulate energy through the body. Proper balance of energy in the body will also be restored.

You can experience the 5 yoga postures Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Mondays are focused on intensive revitalisation of the lower energy centre, Tuesday and Saturdays are focused on balancing and stretching, and Sundays are focused on relaxation.

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As a psychiatrist, I recognised that this was not just an exercise program but a process that benefits your entire being. This form of exercise is gradual and gentle. Everyone in the programme moves along at his or her pace and comfort level. There is no competition or rivalry among the practitioners, just a sense of unity and heartfelt responses. This is an enriching experience, regardless of age, physical ability, or meditation experience. The practice results in a sense of peace and harmony.

As you proceed through the exercises, the limits of your abilities will be expanded beyond your present imagination. The practitioners turn to healthier and more positive ways to interact with their family, friends, and business associates. They find that their relationships become more stable and mature. As they begin to feel the energy flow, they learn how to respect their own bodies. As their feeling of separateness begins to dissipate within the Training exercise group, they discover that the energies in the practice hall become one, filling the room with happiness, joy, and peace. Their fears and apprehensions disappear in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. At this point, the practitioners understand what it is like to have a desire to achieve balance in their lives and their relationships, which changes them for the better. They acquire a holistic approach to life, with a greater sense of well-being, happiness, joy, and harmony.

Dinohra, M.D., New York

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