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The meridian system is a series of channels which transport energy through the body. Meridians can be compared to a system of irrigation canals carrying sustenance to the body, mind and spirit. Acupressure points, which are distributed along the meridians, are energy ports through which energy enters and exits the body.


Your body consists of 12 major and 8 minor meridians. Each of 12 major meridians is associated with one of the principle internal organs and is named accordingly - kidneys, liver, spleen, heart, lungs, pericardium, bladder, gall bladder, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and the triple burner. Yin meridian flow upwards and Yang meridians flow downwards.


Meridian-Exercise is a systematic stretching, twisting, bouncing and tapping exercises based on a perfect coordination of the correct postures, breathing and consciousness. As we inhale, the cosmic, fresh energy circulates throughout the body.  Each movement will begin with an inhalation and end with an exhalation. When we exhale, accumulated toxins in the body are dissipated. The exercises can be performed in 3 ways:  Lying, Sitting and Standing. We perform each exercise very slowly.  This will facilitate the opening of the meridian channels as the stagnant energy or toxins are released from the body.  It is important to engage your focused concentration, while progressing at your own pace. 


Meridian-Exercise is a method for harmonizing and balancing. By performing these exercises, spinal alignment occurs and with proper breath, the energy is accessed and harmonized with the body.  As the body naturally releases tension, energy flows more smoothly through the energy channels. The exercise helps people to open their blocked meridian channels to let blood and energy circulate more fluently. It helps people to release stress and toxins, open up blockages and stiffness which helps them to breathe naturally and deeply.

We offer Self-Healing 4 times on Wednesday.


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I was struggling with painful injuries sustained in a prior car accident. I also had herniated disks in both of my neck and lower back, as well as a pinched nerve that caused pain on the left side of my neck, left shoulder and arm.  At first, I couldn’t even do any exercises. My arm felt numb and weak. My lower back would lock out on me every two or three months and it would take four days before the pain would go away. As both a physical educatior and yoga instructor, I felt very disabled and frustrated. To top it off, my vision would blur on and off almost every day. I felt like I was falling apart. Within weeks I started to notice improvements. Since doing intestinal exercises, my back strengthened and has not bothered me ever since. My blurry vision disappeared, and my entire body improved in both flexibility and strength. This program encompasses all that I need in order to grow healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. My visions for my life have become clearer.

Paula, New York


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