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Qigong (Qi-Gong, Chi-Kung) is an internal style of martial art which focuses on the use of our vital power, or Qi (ki) energy. Through slow, relaxed and continuous motion of the body, you improve awareness of the energy flow in the body, strengthening and expanding it to obtain health and peace of mind. You learn to quiet your thoughts and balance the intention in each of your movements. In the Qigong class, you learn how to use your body to enhance our mental and spiritual strength. The ultimate goal of Qigong training is to awaken and develop the integrity and wholeness within us in order to attain mastership over the body, mind and spirit.


Qigong movements help adjust and coordinate your muscles and bone structure and also strengthen your lower body. Through Qigong exercises, your weight is distributed evenly and perpendicularly to your feet, which allows your spine to straighten and your pelvis and shoulders to even out horizontally. When the vertical and horizontal lines of your body become properly aligned, your inner-organs take hold of their proper, original places and restore their normal, healthy functions. This activates and enhances your immune system and innate healing abilities. Qigong focuses on the bone structure and energy centres, which causes all your weight to fall directly to your feet. Therefore, a moderate level of pressure is applied to the bones, which leads to an increase in bone density and even prevention of osteoporosis. By doing Qigong movements, your energy will be brought down lower and a strong state of circulation will be established. Therefore, Qigong is very beneficial for those with high blood pressure who tend to hold a lot of energy in their upper bodies.  By sending energy all the way to the tips of your hands and feet and actively moving your body, it helps to normalise low blood pressure as well.  As you become sensitised to your body's motion, your brain will become activated. Some forms help to naturally enhance the balance and function of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The forms that use the inside of the thighs will strengthen your lower body and the first Chakra. 


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To start with, I had a back injury and torn tendons in my wrist and couldn’t do much physical exercise. I had a lot of physical pain throughout the back of my legs. I couldn’t even walk around the block. Now I can see what a blessing it was to have those injuries because I never would have tried this training without them! I learned so much about my physical body, my breathing, and my energy centre. I would make myself go to class even when I didn’t feel up to it, and I would leave class feeling like I had a body makeover. I felt new and improved.

The more I went to class, the less physical pain I felt in my back, wrist, and legs. After a year and a half, I lost 79 pounds as my body began craving healthier options, such as fruit, vegetables, and water. In addition, I was able to stay off antidepressants because, as my chest blockage opened, the fire energy from my head came down to my energy centre. I started feeling very proud of myself, and my attitude shifted from suffering to believing in myself and wanting to help others. As my body grew stronger, my mind followed.

Lisa, California


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